Mini-Raft Hire

Due to COVID-19 please read the updated notes below before proceeding with a mini-raft hire booking:

Pre-booking is essential.

Maximum of 2 households per booking. People within each mini-raft should be from the same household.

Please call us direct if you have any questions before booking.

Furthermore, these policies may change at any time as and when Government guidelines are updated.

7½ Mile Route (2½ to 3½ hours)

Starting up river, enjoy the beautiful Shropshire countryside.  Each raft holds between 2-5 people (minimum of 2 adults per raft). Please park for the full day in Dale End pay and display car park (TF8 7BS) and walk across to the Wharfage car park (TF8 7NH) where we meet at our Little Green Kiosk. We will transport you and your group to the start point with all the equipment.  Paddle back to Ironbridge, enjoying a picnic lunch as you float along in the raft.

This route takes approximately 2½ to 3½ hours to paddle (depending on river levels).

Keep a lookout for egrets, swans, kingfishers and even deer on the old power station site as you paddle down to Ironbridge.

Children are welcome from ages 4 and above . It should be noted that you will get your feet wet when launching, so we advise you to wear old trainers you don't mind getting wet or wet suit shoes (and bring a change of shoe if you wish).

At the end of the trip we will ask for your help to carry the raft a short distance to the car park.  Please let us know at the time if you have trouble with this.

mini raft hire for families

2 mile little rapid run (1 hour hire)

You can enjoy the beauty of the Ironbridge Gorge with a fun rapid at the end of the trip. Each raft holds between 2-5 people (minimum of 2 adults per raft). Starting by the Museum of the Gorge, paddle down river, under the Iron Bridge and through the narrows. Head into Jackfield before running the short 75 metre class II rapid. Take your time pulling over to enjoy the scenery and enjoy a spot of magnet fishing before finishing at the Half Moon Pub.

We offer two set times per day to start your trip at 1pm and 2pm. 

After departing the mini-raft you hand your boat and equipment over to our staff member and are then free to continue your day on foot.  Enjoy a drink at the Half Moon Pub or take a short stroll to the Maws Craft Centre or Jackfield Tile Museum.  The walk back into Ironbridge takes approximately 25 minutes, passing by the Black Swan Pub, Robin Hood Pub and Bedlam Furnace.  Furthermore, there are lots of pubs, cafes and independent shops to visit in Ironbridge and Merrythought Village.

It should be noted that at the end of the trip you will be required to help carry the raft a short distance up the 10 metre slipway.  Please do not leave the raft or equipment unattended as you are responsible for them and will be charged in full for any damage or loss of equipment whilst in your possession.

Launching on the rapid run
Shropshire mini-raft hire
Little rapid run on river severn

Due to running the rapid children under the age of 10 cannot participate.  We provide all safety equipment including buoyancy aids, paddles, dry bag and helmets and also include magnet fishing lines for the children. In addition, we will provide a map to help you navigate along the way.  Due to the short rapid this activity is more suitable for people who have prior experience of paddling on the river.  It should also be noted that we can only run this activity in low water.

Please read the notes below before making a mini raft hire booking 

You can hire a mini-raft with a minimum of 2 adults per raft. Full terms and conditions can be seen below and also on the reservation form page.

Minimum age for 7½ mile route is 4 years as we do not allow any whitewater rapids to be run.

Minimum age for 2 mile little rapid run is 10 years.

PLEASE NOTE: As a security deposit for any of our ‘for hire’ services, we require a photo ID for each booking, ie driving licence or passport.  Our kiosk employee will safely retain this for the duration of the hire period.  If you do not bring the necessary documents required on the day we reserve the right to cancel your booking with no refund given.

Book your mini raft hire online below.

During our low season when our online booking system is not visible please call: (01952) 427 150 or email:

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Health and Safety guidelines, rules and regulations

Safety and enjoyment of your trip depend on both river and weather on your chosen trip day. We do not allow any trips to proceed when severe conditions are occurring or expected. Furthermore, heavy rainfall over the days leading up to your trip date affects the river levels, especially rainfall over the Welsh mountains some two days before departure. Consequently, if we cannot run your trip due to circumstances outside our control we will offer you an alternative date.  

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions relating to your mini-raft, equipment and the River Severn.

Furthermore, if your party have any health issues, please discuss this with us first and make us aware of these conditions. As a consequence of certain health issues we may discourage you from taking part in the event. Additionally anyone with a history of epilepsy should not participate in this activity.

Maximum weight per mini-raft is 75 stone. Children under the age of 4 years are not allowed in the mini-raft. Children under the age of 10 years are not allowed in mini-rafts through the rapids. Any children under the age of 10 years must be accompanied by an adult on a one to one basis.  An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18. Minimum age to hire is 18.

It should be noted, participants must be able to swim a minimum of 25 metres.  An adult who can swim must accompany anyone who cannot swim this distance.

You are not allowed to fish unless you have the appropriate permit to fish on the stretch of the river your journey takes you on and a National rod license.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your allocated launch/transport time, to allow time to be kitted out with buoyancy aids and paddles, fill out the hire agreement and receive your health and safety briefing. As a consequence, if you are late, we may have to leave without you, meaning we may have to cancel or re-schedule your trip.

You must wear your buoyancy aids at all times whilst you are in the mini-raft.  You must also wear your helmets at all times during the one hour little rapid run.  Do not stand up in the mini rafts whilst on the river or during the rapid and take care when getting in and out.

You are not allowed to smoke whilst wearing your buoyancy aid or whilst in the mini-raft.

Most importantly, please note that you should not consume alcohol prior to your trip. You will not be permitted to hire or participate in the event if you are found under the influence of alcohol or any other substances and we will not provide a refund in the event of cancellation.  Furthermore, you cannot take alcohol on the river and we have the right to confiscate it until you return. If you refuse to relinquish alcohol we will cancel the trip with no refund given.

You are not allowed to run the rapids other than on the mini-raft little rapid run. You are allowed to run the rapid IF you declare you have paddled rapids before.  We will give you oral and written instructions at the start of your trip and you must adhere to guidelines given.

Participants are responsible for ensuring they have the correct clothing and are fit enough to complete any trip comfortably. Dogs are welcome on the 7½ mile route, however do not leash them in the mini-raft and please advise us in advance.  We do not allow dogs on the one hour little rapid run.

Guided tours: At certain times, we can provide a river guide to accompany your trip at an extra cost. However, this service is only available by prior arrangement, and not at the time of your arrival.

There is no safety cover on the river however you can contact us at all times to effect or organise a rescue. Call: 01952 427150. Furthermore, mobile phone coverage on the river is minimal for a lot of the major networks.

What to wear and spare equipment: Loose clothing. i.e. t-shirts, trainers. (NOT wellington boots, flip flops or jeans). As a result of sun reflecting off the water when hot, to minimise risk of heat stroke and sunburn please dress appropriately and wear sunscreen. Furthermore the weather conditions can also change very quickly on your journey. In addition, we recommend you bring a change of clothes for the end of your trip just in case.

Do bring: A drink, chocolate bar, snack or picnic. Suitable sun tan lotion is also recommended. Especially important is a waterproof mobile phone.

Do not bring: Expensive jewellery. Watches, cameras, video cameras etc if not waterproof. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any of your effects.

Please do not leave rubbish on the river banks or drop it in the river. Bring it back with you and we will dispose of it.